(FDM) Technology - Thrimána ~ MAX

Thrimána MAX is designed for industrial standard finished product manufacturing. Ideal for prototyping and customized manufacturing applications. Thrimána MAX integrates all of the latest features and technologies to help deliver the best experience to our clients. The all metal unibody chassis ensures stable and precise printing. The ceramic hot bed helps uniform heating over the entire hot bed area, while the ultra-low weight dual extruder enables our clients to deliver high quality end product in the lowest possible time. Filled with many other unique features we have designed the Thrimána MAX for industries which require printing large models in as little time as possible. Thrimána MAX can be used in medical, production and other applications where it is required produce large customized models such as limb prosthetics, product enclosures and many others.

Technical Parameters
Extruder number: 2
Build envelope: 600 x 600 x 600 mm
Minimum layer thickness: 0.04 mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
Nozzle temperature: 400˚C MAX
Hot bed temperature: 120˚C MAX
Positioning accuracy: X,Y 0.01 mm, Z 0.015 mm
Printing speed: 180 mm/s MAX
Basic Parameters
Input file type: STL/OBJ/GCode
Software: Cura
Compatibility: Windows, Linux
Print from: SD card/USB
Power supply: AC110-240V, 360 W
Machine dimensions and weight: 910 x 840 x 1030 mm, 164 kg

Filament Parameters
Filament Species: PLA/ABS/HIPS/PVA/PLA / ABS / PVA / Nylon / PS
Filament Colour: All
Filament diameter: 3.0 mm

Architecture Design: Architecture original design and planning, model show of architecture sand table.
Industry Design: Make samples during product design.
Art Design: Highly difficult craft making of complicated shapes.
Machine Design: Checking and testing during machine design.
Medical Development: Medical model design and making in medical institution.
Individual Design: DIY and making individual design lover.
Education Institution: Model teaching, Design and Testing

Key Features:

  • Large 600 x 600 x 600 mm print volume
  • Dual extrusion tool head
  • Filament detection sensor pauses your print when you run out if filament
  • Automatic system shutdown to save power
  • Prints with large diameter 3mm PLA/ABS/PVA filament
  • Support open platform and compatible with Windows/MAC/Linux.