Type of FilamentDescription
PETGPETG is durable and more flexible than ABS and PLA. Shrinkage is less therefore no warping happens
WOODThis is a composition of wood powder and PLA – used for printing wooden-like objects
Z – MarbleIt is a type of PLA and has the white marble effect and used by designers – you can paint on it using acrylic
TwinklingThis filament has the twinkling effect which is used to print decorations and it is a type of PLA
HIPSThis is made from High Impact Polystyrene material. Used as a support material Dissolves in Limonene liquor
Silky Filament This is made out of PLA and has a glossy, satin like appearance
PVAPolyvinyl Alcohol is the compound it is made of and it is water soluble
Carbon FibreIdeal for printing strong structures, drones, propellers. Contains a mixture of small chopped carbon fibre strands and PLA

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