Education Robot - DOBOT

Dobot Magician is the second generation of high precision 4-axis robotic arm for desktops, developed specially for education. It is multi-functional and has unibody design, bringing everyone the fun only technology can create. It is also easy to develop with its multiple extension ports and visualized programming environment, making it a very useful tool for both hardware lovers and coding beginners.






Unibody design
Dobot Magician has unibody design, and you can use it right out of the package, no need to assemble.

Easy to Operate
You can control Dobot Magician in many ways across different platforms. Its PC software supports both WIFI and USB connection, and you can control it through its control panel, mouse gesture, code, and even hand gestures (Leap Motion); Its mobile app supports Bluetooth connection, you can also control Dobot Magician on its app.

End Tool Quick Switch
The end tool holder is standardized for different end tools, you can switch end tools by simply screwing the switch in and out.

Visualized Programming
Dobot Blockly is a visualized programming environment developed for Dobot Magician, based on Google’s open-source platform Google Blockly. On Dobot Blockly you can program by simply putting puzzles together, it is intuitive and highly readable. It also integrated exclusive API for Dobot Magician, you can use them right away.

High Precision & High Stability
Dobot Magician has self-developed high-accuracy stepper motor and reducer, bringing a 0.2mm precision. With its enhanced mechanical structure, it has more stability while running.

Rich Extension Ports
Dobot Magician has 13 extension ports and a programmable button, where users can connect them to external modules and program them to work together, realizing more advanced features.

Who Dobot Magician is For:

Makers & Hardware lovers
Being a highly completed consumer robotic arm, Dobot Magician is of much entertainment, where makers and hardware lovers can enjoy robotics technology. It is highly extendable and easily programmable, a complete platform for developers and coding beginners for DIY and secondary development.

Mechanics, automation, programming, industrial design…these are what Dobot Magician well exhibits and can enlighten those who desire knowledge with more entertaining methods. Its unibody appealing design, multi-functionality and visualized programming environment make it friendly classroom showcase for students through all ages.

With its surprising amount of functions, Dobot Magician is entertaining, practical and also educating. Besides drawing and laser engraving, you can 3D print daily tools, or teach it to complete daily tasks. Highly extendable and programmable, it is a good assistant for kids to cultivate interests and learn programming using leisure time.


Dobot Magician is highly precise and stable. It is also easy to operate, extendable and easy to develop. All these features enable it to work in many situations, also a highly cost effective solution for light industrial application.


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