All in One POS for Retail Outlets

RCS-ZQ3000 is a basic POS system with a single touch screen which can be used in any retail environment. Also, various terminal options are available for different type of peripherals.


All in One Touch POS

RCS-9080 is a duel screen POS terminal with various options of peripherals. Operator display is a capacitive multipoint touch panel with a adjustable display angle. Recommended for restaurants and hotels


All in One Touch POS System for Super Markets

RCS-H1 is an easily maintainable system with built in scanner and printer which is suitable for supermarket and retail applications. Three Screen Design to suitable for Next Generation Super Markets help advertising and billing


Self checkout POS system

RCS2 self Checkout POS system (RCS-ST150) is a High-integration structure design which includes abundant functional modules, Bank-certificated NFC Module, card reader module and encryption pin pad etc. It is also equipped with multi-functional barcode scanner and scale platform.
Applicable for self-service  super market, stores etc.


Thermal Printer

Thermal Printer

VFD Display

VFD Display

Cash Drawer

cash drawer

Bar code Reader

barcode reader

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